Q. Who puts on the Color Tour and what is its purpose?
A. The Color Tour is a non-profit event put on by the Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center.  The money raised is used by the Chamber to support this event.

Q. Are special OHV permits required?
A. All unlicensed vehicles using OHV trails in Colorado are required to display a Colorado OHV Permit, (sticker).  Even if you have an OHV Permit from your home state, you will still need a Colorado OHV permit.  OHV Vehicles with license plates are encouraged to get the permits, the money is used for trail maintenance and to support search & rescue operations. The stickers cost $25.25 and are available Tuesday night and Wednesday morning of the Tour.  If you are coming from out-of-state, the permit can also be purchased online by [clicking here].  Original registration (purchase), of in-state permits is not possible online, only renewals.

Q. Do we have to trailer?
A. Yes. There are a few places where you can ride from campgrounds, but the options are limited.  Routes range from alpine forest, chaparral desert, ghost towns, passes that cross over the Continental Divide, trails at or near, the summit of 13,000+ foot Mountains, etc. None of these routes are very far from Buena Vista, but to get to the trail heads, you will have to trailer.

Q. Can we ride double on a ‘single’ machine?
A. It is permitted, but please use good judgement.

Q. What elevations will we be riding?
A. Buena Vista is in a high desert valley at 8,000 feet above sea level. The routes will vary from 8,000 to near 14,000 feet.

Q. What is the weather normally like?
A. September is usually dry and sunny with cool mornings in the upper 30’s to mid 40’s and afternoon temperatures climbing to the upper 50’s to low 70’s in the valley. High elevations are usually sunny with peak temperatures in the 50’s to low 60’s. The Tour runs through some of the highest mountain ranges in the lower 48 and sometimes the high elevations get a little snow in late September, be sure to bring warm clothes. It’s usually sunny and normally when you’re in the sun it feels warm. It’s good to dress in layers so you can shed as the day warms up. (see What to Wear and Ride)

Q. Are helmets required?
A. Recommended, yes – but not required. In the unlikely event of bad weather, you will appreciate one.

Q. Can we request guides?
A. Usually. Though the Tour is designed to be self guided, many club members (called outriders) will be on the trails. You can request to ride along. But, you may get more out of the Tour if you meet other riders of your skill level and ride together. The group functions is a good time to meet people and the ride desk can assist as well. Feel free to tag along with the outriders if you want.

Q. One of our group members rides a dirt bike (OHV motorcycle), can he come on the Tour?
A. Yes. Most Tour participants will be riding ATV’s, or side-by-sides.  The Tour is meant to go at a leisurely pace, while taking in the scenery and it is expected that everyone will ride in a courteous manner at all times. (For more information see What to Wear and Ride)

Q. Can children ride their own machine?
A. That’s hard to answer.  There is no law that sets the age limit, so the responsibility falls back to whoever is responsible for the child.  The child’s experience is also a factor.  You MUST USE GOOD JUDGEMENT and the child must be kept under close supervision of an adult.

Q. Can I get the guidebook early so I can study the routes?
A. Yes. Call the Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce (719) 395-6612.  If you want early delivery of the Guide Book DO NOT order the book on the registration page, call the above number.

Q. What role does the Sponsors have?
A. The Sponsors contribute money and items that are given away as door prizes.  Without the sponsors there would be no Color Tour.  Please consider our sponsors when picking your lodging, camping, fuel, parts, etc.

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